Arri Compact Unit WCU-3

Arri Compact Unit WCU-3

The Arri Wireless Compact Unit WCU-3 is an all-in-one compact and lightweight remote control for camera on/off, focus, iris and zoom when the zoom main unit ZMU-3 is attached. Special attention has been given to ergonomics and durability, with features like an adjustable handgrip, backlit buttons, an illuminated index scale, optional cabled or wireless operation, and sealed precision optical encoders for the manual controls that make the WCU-3 a very easy to use and user-friendly remote control option.

The unit directly communicates with many of Arri film cameras, such as the Arricam Lite or 435 Xtreme as well as the digital Alexa Plus, Alexa Plus HS and Alexa Studio eliminating the need of a receiver to be added to the camera body. However, the receiver option is also available by adding the Universal Motor Controller UMC-3, making the WCU-3 compatible with numerous cameras.

Technical Specs
Main Features:

Adjustable handgrip
Backlit buttons
Illuminated index scale
Optional wired or wireless operation
Transreflective display

Directly compatible with:

Alexa Plus
Alexa Plus HS
Alexa Studio
ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme

In combination with the UMC-3/UMC-3A:

numerous other film or digital cameras
Our Kit
Our rental package includes:

Wireless Compact Unit WCU-3
Zoom Main Unit ZMU-3
(3x) Lens Control Motors
(3x) Motor Cables
Long & Short ZMU-3 to WCU-3 cables
(3x) Batteries
(1x) Charger
(3x) Marking Disks
Optional (at additional cost):

Universal Motor Controller UMC-3
Power Cables