Our Ibiza Cablecam System is a professional tool for any filmmaker who wants to get more from his footage. Short set-up/dismantling times ensure flexibility and spontaneity at the shooting location. ​Our System can be used not only for the cinematic area, it can be also used for live production at concerts, sport events and many more. We use Ronin 2 and Movi PRO Gimbals to assure perfect footage.

DEFY CADENCE – Pro features in a single package​​

Finally. A professional cablecam that is smart, safe, and simple enough for a single operator to take anywhere. The Cadence has the power to carry any handheld gimbal and the brains to have full autonomous control with incredibly accurate end-stop, acceleration, braking, and active traction control. Using the included Pulse controller, operators get a continuous real time display of all the important data to keep your eyes on the shot.