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Exodo Rental is a video, film and lighting camera rental company based in Madrid who offer Camera Rental Valencia with partners all over Spain thanks to whom we offer local support in all communities.  We provide equipment rental, film technicians and transportation. The best equipment and the latest cameras and lenses are offered at competitive prices thanks to the logistical support of our headquarters in Madrid.

With a team with more than 12 years of experience in the sector aimed at audiovisual equipment rental service in Spain, covering the needs and advice for film productions, TV series, short films, video clips and documentaries.

In each region of Spain we can offer different services related to camera and lighting rental. In Valencia we have strengthened our offer thanks to our partner Moonbay Films, a production company that offers a 1.000 square meters shooting studio in Valencia and several shooting vehicles.

The services we offer in Valencia are subject to the rental of camera equipment and are only possible as a complete filming package. We offer a global service that includes audiovisual equipment rental, studio, filming vehicles, film technicians and production services.

Our global service simplifies the production tasks and allows you to access to an adjusted price throughout the Valencian Community. If you only want to rent equipment without any associated service, please contact our Madrid office.

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