Ibiza Pro Lighting Equipment Rental


A punchy, versatile 800W HMI fixture with a great light quality that is also domestic circuit friendly.

Use the Joker 800 either as a traditional HMI or as a bug light inside a range of light modifiers (lanterns, softboxes, etc). 5600K colour temperature (daylight) bulb.

The high speed, square wave ballast (up to 1,000Hz) also makes the Joker 800 a good choice for flicker free lighting at high frame rates.


Mounting Yoke with 5/8″ baby fitting.
Ballast Electronic, square wave flicker free. AC input: 90V to 265V, 50 or 60Hz. Completely silent (convection cooled).
Travel kit dimensions 450mm x 300mm x 420mm.
Fixture weight 2.72kg.
Kit weight (cased) 19kg.
Colour temperature 5600K.
 Joker 2 – 800 HMI( Basic Kit)  K 5600 Lighting Joker2 800 K 5600 Lighting Joker2 800W Kit – HMI 1
K 5600 Lighting Joker2 800 Joker2 800W Head with Cable
K 5600 Lighting B0800E2 Ballast Wdmx, Als, Dimming, 1000Hz + WI-FI
K 5600 Lighting A0800BMR2 Beamer Optical Accessory
K 5600 Lighting C0900U Extension Cable for Joker 800  25′ (8 MTS)
K 5600 Lighting A0800FF Frosted Fresnel – Fresnel Lens
K 5600 Lighting A0800SW Super Wide Flood- Fresnel Lens
 K 5600 Lighting A0800WF Wide Flood- Fresnel Lens
K 5600 Lighting A0800MF Medium Flood- Fresnel Lens
K 5600 Lighting A0800FD Scrim, Full Double
K 5600 Lighting A0800FS Scrim, Full Single
K 5600 Lighting A0800BD 4-Leaf Barndoor
K 5600 Lighting P0800FG Beaker – Frosted Glass
 K 5600 Lighting P0800CG Beaker – Clear Glass
K 5600 Lighting A0400LB Lens Bag with Partitions
K 5600 Lighting A0800CCC Carrying Case
 Joker 2 – 800 HMI (Extras) Chimera 9780OP Chimera Octaplus Speed Ring for Video Pro on K5600 Bug Lite / Aro adaptador para chimera 1
Chimera 8025 Chimera Shallow Video Plus Softbox with Silver Interior – Small – 24x32x13″ (60x80x33cm) 1
Dop Choice SGCS40 Dop Choice SGCS40 – Snapgrid 40° for Chimera S / Chimer 8025 Neded / Necesita Chimera 8025 1
Chimera 1870 Chimera Pancake Lantern with Skirt (Large, Full Diffusion) 1
 K 5600 Lighting A0800ST+C  Softube for Joker-Bug 800 1
K 5600 Lighting A0800STC Case for Softube 800
Stand AVA1035CS  Avenger Combo Steel Stand 35 with Leveling Leg 1
Avenger A9000N Avenger A9000N Wheel Set with Brakes (Silver) 1
Spare Lamp K 5600 Lighting L0800SE K 5600 Lighting 800 Watt Hot Restrike HMI Lamp for Joker Bug 800 / Lámpara de repuesto 1