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Aladdin Bi-Flex2 Bi-Color

Have everything you need to professionally light your television, film, or still photography production with this Bi-Flex2 Bi-Color V-Mount Kit from Aladdin. This kit includes a moldable LED panel with an integrated V-mount. The LED panel features bi-color 3000-6000K color temperature with a CRI of 98ra for daylight and 97ra for tungsten with a 100-10% dimming. Integrated DMX controls allow for further control of your lights. This lightweight and portable light source offers flicker-free output suitable for a variety of locations, sets, or even inside objects for product shots. The back of each panel is lined with male touch-fasteners allowing you to mount the panel to any surface using female touch-fasteners.

The Bi-Flex2 panel is fully submersible with an IP rating of 67. This kit includes a professional-grade dimmer with an integrated V-mount battery plate and DMX controls. A 1-stop diffuser, an X-Bend holder for mounting to stands or booms, a ball head stand mount, and a 16′ extension cable are also included.

Aladdin Bi-Flex 2 Bi-Color  (Basic Kit) Aladdin Bi-Flex2 Aladdin Bi-Flex2 Bi-Color V-Mount Kit2 with Case / 100W 1
Aladdin  AMS-FL100 BI Aladdin Micro LED Bi-Flex Bi-Color M7 Panel  Dimensions : 11.8 x 21.9 x 0.2″ (30.0 x 55.6 x 0.5 cm)
MFL357BIDIMVM Dimmer with V-Mount Battery Plate & DMX Controls
Aladdin MFL30BIACAD AC Power Adapter for Micro LED Bi-Flex
Aladdin MFL30BI XBEND X-Bend Holder for Micro LED Bi-Flex
Aladdin MFL30BIFRDF Diffuser for Micro LED Bi-Flex
Aladdin AMS-FL50BHAD Ball Head Stand Mount
Aladdin MFL70BIBAG Single Kit softt Case Micro LED Bi-Flex M7
16′ Extension Cable (5 Mts)
Aladdin Soft Box Aladdin AMS-FL100BISBX Soft Box for Bi-Flex 1 Flex Lite 1
Aladdin AMS-FL100BIGRID Grid for Bi-Flex1 Softbox
Stand Manfrotto 420B Manfrotto 420B Combi Boom Stand (Black) / Jirafa Mini 1
Manfrotto 013 Manfrotto 013 Double-ended Spigot
Sandbag Counterweight 5Kg