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LED Lights

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DLED4.1-BI LED 3-Light Kit

DLED4.1-BI LED 3-Light Kit

The three DLED4.1-BI lights feature a unique aspherical lens design to provide a 1:20 flood to spot ration, with a beam angle of 4-60° and 18,360 Lux in spot mode. Its bi-color design permits stepless color control from 3200 to 5600K for matching with nearly any other light source. Three included ballasts support nearly universal use and provide 100-20% dimming adjustment. For controlling the light output, this kit also sees the inclusion of barndoors and light shield rings for each of the lights, as well as two softboxes with 40° removable grids. A projection attachment with 85mm lens is also included for producing areas of light with a controllable edge quality, along with a gobo set and holder. Finally, the kit also incorporates three light stands, a wall holder and clamp, and a heavy-duty transport case for protecting the kit during storage or travel.

  • State-of-the-art LED light source with features exclusively developed by Dedolight
  • The continuously variable 3200-5600K LEDs make matching existing light sources a snap
  • Dedolight patented aspherical optics
  • Provides astoundingly high efficiency in output
  • Unprecedented wider and tighter focusing range
  • Dedolight clean beam concept. Controlled precision beam with no stray light outside the fixture and perfectly even light distribution within the beam
  • Complete light-shaping control:
    Scrims, graduated gray filters, aspherical wide-angle attachments with rotating barndoor leaves
  • Dedolight imager projection attachments for light framing, soft edge light framing with eye filters, gobo projection, background effect projection, slide projection
3 Dedoligth LED DLED4BI (Kit x 3) Dedolight DLED4.0 Dedolight Mobile DLED4.1-BI LED Light
3 Dedolight DBD8 8-Leaf Barndoor Set with Gel Clips (5.5″) / Viseras con Clip
3 Dedolight DPLS400 Light Shield Ring for DLH400D, S Fixtures / Anillos anti-reflejo
3 Dedolight DT4-BI-BAT Dedolight DC Power Supply 12V F/DLED4-Bi /DLED4 Bicolor con conector D-Tap.
3 Dedolight DT4-BI-DMX Dedolight DT4-BI-DMX Power Supply (90-260 VAC) / Dimmer DMX para DLED4 Bicolor
3 Dedolight DLBCA-V V-Lock Battery Holder with Loop and Belt Clip / Soporte V-lock para trípode
1 Dedolight DSBSXS Dedoflex Mini Softbox (Silver, 12 x 12″)  / Caja luz Mini plata 30x30cm
1 Dedolight DLGRIDXS  40° Fabric Grid for DSBSXS Mini Softbox /  Nido abeja 40º tela-30x30cm
1 Dedolight DLSR70 Mini Speed Ring Adapter for DLH4, 4P, DLH4M-300 / Aro adaptador 9cm
1 Dedolight DP1S Universal Imager Projection Attachment / Proeyctor de imágenes
1 Dedolight DP1.1 Projection Attachment with 85mm f/2.8 Lens / Adaptador de proyector 85mm f/2.8
1 Dedolight DPIR 18 Leaf Iris for DP-1 and DP1-0 Projection Attachment / iris de proyector
1 Dedolight DPGH Dedo Gobo Holder for DP-1, Holds «M» Size Gobos / Portagobos M 66mm para DP1
1 Dedolight DPFS Framing Shutter – 4 Leaves / Palas recorte para montura DP1
3 Stands Manfrotto 5001B Manfrotto 5001B Nano Black Light Stand – 6.2′ (1.9m) /Trípode Nano aluminio negro
1 DSC2-200 Soft Case / Bolsa para 3 x 200D+ballast
  • Aditional Stands
  • Battery adapter & cable
  • V-mount Bebob Batterys
  • V-mount Bebob Charger